Dear Zulie…

I’m at a very initial stage in blogging. Do you have any tips or any particular writers’ work that I can read/ emulate to improve my writing?

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

What writers should you follow to be successful on Medium?

This question is such an interesting one. There are so many successful authors out there, but not all of them share their writing secrets. To my mind, there are only a few that really stand out as writers that are making a living on Medium and regularly share every trick and tip for how they do it.

First, Shannon Ashley. This juggernaut started writing barely a year ago but she quit her job to start writing on Medium full-time back in December 2018. Not only is she absolutely knocking it out of the part, she regularly shares everything she can to help others do the same – including me!

She talks about how being open and vulnerable and honest is the ticket to really hitting your readers hearts, and isn’t afraid to share her fears, either. It’s not all golden at the top and Shannon tells it like it really is. If you want to be successful on Medium, there’s no better role model to follow.

Secondly, Shaunta Grimes. Shaunta is not only a full-time Medium writer, but she’s actually a published novelist. Her writing tips revolve more around the business side – how to start a mailing list, how to promote your work – and also around book-writing rather than a blogging focus, though she does that too.

Her inspirational posts have more than once motivated me to just get up and do that thing, whether it’s write the story, start the mailing list, listen to a podcast. There’s nobody who has it figured out quite like her.

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