Hello and welcome to my site!

I’m a blogger, cat mom, self-helper, amateur psychology enthusiast and all around big dreamer.

I started writing on Medium in September 2018 ago, convinced I was going to be a cat blogger, if such a thing existed. To my amazement, it turned out I was good at writing not just about cats, but other things, too.

Flash forward to now, and I have turned my little side hobby into a four-figure monthly pay check, gaining five thousand Medium followers in the process.

I’m still working towards leaving my day job behind to focus on what really matters to me – being a stay-at-home cat mom – and I want to help as many other people chase their bliss as possible.

I love writing about what I love. And I love earning money for it. I believe everyone who wants to should be able to, and that’s what this blog is about.

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